Assiut University  


The 5th International Conference for Young Scientists in Basic and Applied Science.
Faculty of Science, Assiut University- EGYPT.

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عاجل: تم مد فترة تقديم ملخصات الابحاث الى 14 سبتمبر 2016 The Fifth International Conference
 for Young Scientists in Basic and
Applied Sciences

 "Recent Approaches in Basic and Applied Sciences"

Faculty of Science – Assiut University
Assiut – Egypt
Oct 29th – Nov 1st 2016
Under the Auspice of Engineer
 Yasser El-Dessoky
Assiut Governor
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdo Geies
 President of Assiut University

Prof. Dr. Tarek El-Gammal
 Vice President for Postgraduates & Research

Prof. Dr. Hassan M. El-Hawary
 Dean of Faculty of Science Conference President

Prof. Dr. Nagwa Th. Abo El-Maali
 Vice Dean for Postgraduates & Research Conference Secretary General